Floating Notes by Babak Lakghomi

New York Tyrant

<em>Floating Notes</em> by Babak Lakghomi


Floating Notes is a novella of mystery, murder, intrigue, and love. In the space of a hundred pages, Lakghomi wroughts a unique narrator, a god in a rented room, where things appear and disappear from his life. And people are watching―or maybe they're not. There are no clear answers, there are no solutions, and everything is anything in Floating Notes

"Floating Notes is a lonely and provocative book. Lakghomi gives us a riddle unraveled but never solved. His people cling to artifacts they cannot decipher in a landscape stripped of beauty, lawless and volatile, a place of symbols that will not cohere."

- Noy Holland, author of I Was Trying to Describe What It Feels Like


“Wholly original, raw, scary, almost too close to life, almost too honest. A dangerous voice, a real artist. And yet, full of compassion for the lonely, heartbreaking project of trying to be a decent human being in a world of accelerating alienation.“

-Clancy Martin, author of How to Sell and Bad Sex

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