Tyrant News

11.21.19 LA Review of Books reviews Vincent and Alice and Alice
11.8.19 Full Stop nails it with their review of The Complete Gary Lutz
11.6.19 Epiphany Lit reviews The Complete Gary Lutz
9.15.19 Kirkus calls The Complete Gary Lutz "a pleasure for fans of postmodern fiction
7.2.19 The Fanzine publishes excerpt of Vincent and Alice and Alice
5.30.19 Review of Welfare at Various Small Flames 
5.24.19 Nylon calls Vincent and Alice and Alice "a riotous, tender story" that "pulses with desire"
5.24.19 The LA Times highly anticipates Vincent and Alice and Alice
5.23.19 Kendall Jenner pictured with literally show me a healthy person
5.23.19. Bud Smith appears on Dead Rabbits podcast
5.23.19 Elizabeth Ellen interviews Steve Anwyll
5.3.19 Bomb publishes an excerpt of Shane Jones' Vincent and Alice and Alice
5.1.19 Tyrant acquires Vi Khi Nao's The Human Camouflage
4.16.19 Christoph Paul interviews David Nutt
4.11.19 Liveblog now available for Kindle
4.9.19 "Written in unforgettable prose, Nutt’s carnivalesque high-wattage vision of a vaudeville America makes for a truly sensational debut." - Fanzine reviews The Great American Suction
3.30.19 Artforum reviews Brad Phillips' art show at Harper's Apartment
3.29.19 "With it's...constant stream of brilliant sentences, this is a singular, energetic work" - Publishers Weekly reviews The Great American Suction
3.29.19 Office Magazine interviews Brad Phillips
3.19.19 NY Tyrant publishes "Tiger Stories" by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
3.12.19 Episode Three of Tyrant Hotel, Mother Pig (Opposing Disneyland), is now live
3.5.19 Tyrant Books + Fat Possum Records release Iggy Pop — Bare & Real
3.5.19 NY Tyrant publishes "Design for a Carpet" by Kathryn Scanlan


Cleveland Review of Books calls Essays and Fictions "king.” 
Tyrant Books publishes The Great American Suction by David Nutt.
Nicholis Gazin draws the Tyrant Logo
Big Other publishes a story by Babak Lakghomi
Brad Listi interviews Brad Phillips on Otherppl
NY Tyrant publishes two stories by Clare Tascio
NY Tyrant publishes “A Story Narrated by the Boy Who Collects Flies on His Face” by Kit Schluter
NY Tyrant publishes “Conspiracy Theories” by Sam Cooke
Tyrant Books publishes Essays and Fictions by Brad Phillips
Brad Phillips writes about Nina Simone for Affidavit
Egress #2 is now available
Anne Weisgerber calls Brad Phillips “slender and angular and friendly” in person