The Sarah Book by Scott McClanahan

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The Sarah Book by Scott McClanahan

"Scott McClanahan's The Sarah Book is a furious exhalation of love and hurt and hate and tenderness and anger. This is a chronicle of a couple coming together and breaking apart. There is courage in these pages because so much of what McClanahan details is ugly and desperate and raw--everything, food, drink, love, heartbreak, to excess. The writing is so intimate you want to reach into the book to save this man from himself but you can't. That impossibility is what makes this book so memorable, so powerful." –Roxane Gay

“The romance and destruction of a marriage. I couldn’t put it down. Written with all the punches left in. McClanahan shows us the dents and scrapes and breakdowns of a man trying to be to a husband and father while at the same time sabotaging the very things he loves.  Unnerving but remarkable.” Willy Vlautin, The Motel Life

“Scott McClanahan’s writing is so pure, honest and immediately engaging, it felt like I wasn’t just reading prose: it felt like I was reading the prose.  THE SARAH BOOK is hilarious, unflinching and deeply sad.  Its every chapter, every page, every observation an addictive delight.  I read it in one sitting and days later am still stumbling around from its unexpected wallop.” –Maria Semple, This One Is Mine

“Scott McClanahan writes like Walt Whitman and Barry Hannah had a love child who grew up addicted to speed and porn and The History Channel. I’ve never read anything with so much wide-armed, grief-stricken love inside descriptions of strip clubs and drug deals and excrement and road kill and drunkenness and child neglect. I feel like there’s almost no way to describe the book, it’s so packed—like McClanahan flung his arms open and gathered all the objects and people and emotions in his world, then compressed them into three-hundred thousand tiny quivering black marks, each one ready to explode with the slightest touch. I can’t come up with a single adjective to capture the multiplicity of emotions I experienced as a reader, so I’ll just say that The Sarah Book is a crazy heartbreaking surprising sad delicious desperate horrifying hilarious ride.”  –Jamie Quatro, I Want To Show You More


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