Hill William by Scott McClanahan

New York Tyrant

<em>Hill William</em> by Scott McClanahan

McClanahan is the only real successor we have to Breece D'J Pancake. Old-fashioned storytelling from modern Appalachia.

“McClanahan's prose is miasmic, dizzying, repetitive. A rushing river of words that reflects the chaos and humanity of the place from which he hails. [McClanahan] aims to lasso the moon… He is not a writer of half-measures. The man has purpose. This is his symphony, every note designed to resonate, to linger.”
-New York Times Book Review

"Part weird family secrets and social rotting, part mesmeric fervor, and part this guy might pull a knife on me, McClanahan tells stories the way your favorite methed-up uncle with a dead tooth who disappeared when you were 12 did. In short: it feels like someone is actually hell-bent on speaking to you for once." -VICE

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